New Technology

New Technology

3D Multi-Beam Sonar Technology

See 3 to 5 times the underwater coverage, scanning for fish or structure, utilizing new multi-beam technology, advanced signal processing and a compact stabilized transducer. The results are highly detailed images of the seabed and with precise fish location.

Contact us today to discuss mapping and recording your favorite fishing locations using Nobeltec's personal bathymetric generator with this system.

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Solid State Doppler Radar Technology

Improve your situational awareness on the water with enhanced target detection and immediate identification of on-water safety hazards. Enhanced analytics and improved target detection keep your journey safe, while automatically displaying vessel target vectors with course and speed data.

Contact us today to discuss upgrading to new Solid State Doppler Radar Technology.

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Digital Switching Technology

Digital Switching simplifies the operation of onboard complex electrical systems. Configure special customized switching consoles for docking, cruising or fishing operations at the simple touch of a button.

Contact us today to discuss Digital Switching Technology for your application.

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Lithium Ion Battery & Charging Technology

Charge & Convert -

A wide range of battery chargers, inverters, Combis, DC-DC converters and solar charge regulators, for advanced charging and reliable power conversion.

Store -

Lithium Ion Batteries are the ideal solution to supply any power application with highly efficient and reliable battery technologies.

Manage and Monitor -

Top-quality components which communicate within a network environment with full analytics, monitoring and control throughout the vessel.

Contact us today to discuss enhancing your power systems onboard.

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Telemetric Data Recording and Vessel Monitoring

Vessel data recording and security monitoring via a telemetric cloud service enables you to access your vessel’s status and health from any internet connection. Recorded history of engine and equipment performance over extended periods of time can be extremely valuable for maintenance and diagnostic purposes.

Contact us today to discuss for additional security for your investment.

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