About Us

Founded in 1957 as a family centric business repairing electronics in a small shop, HWH Electronics has evolved into a recognized leader in the marine electronics industry.  HWH Electronics is dedicated to providing premier communication, navigation, satellite, safety and entertainment system technology solutions that help you enjoy Fun, Reliable and Safe Boating.

With a solid foundation in maritime electronics, our emphasis on customer education, system design, project management, documentation and integration using proven industry standards, results in uncompromised performance of your technology. Our services span many areas of maritime interests, including Recreational, Commercial, Search and Rescue, Emergency First Response, Law Enforcement,  Educational and Research.

Our focus on customer education and involvement from initial project planning through delivery and beyond ensures maximum customer satisfaction.

Continually fostering sound relationships with our customers, employees and vendors is the hallmark of our success. Experience for yourself the benefits of “Technology for Fun and Safe Boating.”